Kobe: don’t get caught out with normal beef

For most consumers it is actually difficult to recognize authentic Kobe meat and for this reason it’s useful to know a few facts and questions to ask your waiter in the interests of palate and purse.

After finding out where your Kobe actually comes from, one of the first questions to ask is about the fat marbling ratio of the beef. The quality of a cut is defined by its marbling, the presence of fat (shimofuri) in the connective tissue, which is measured on a scale from 6 to 12.

Don’t forget to ask which cut you are going to be served: Kobe fillet for example costs almost twice as much as other cuts which are just as tasty.

When you place it on your tongue and press it against your palate the meat just melts in the mouth. The fat, even though there is quite a lot of it, dissolves leaving your taste buds clean and dry. This is because it is a noble, unsaturated intramuscular fat, a fat very rich in oleic acid and low in cholesterol, in other words, healthier than that of other meat which deposits mainly around the edges.

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Fine Dining Lovers.com – 20 gennaio 2015