Roberta Schira - Anna LopopoloRoberta Schira wanted to be a psychologist, but after getting an Arts degree (psychological studies) she decided to attend the famous chef Claudio Sadler’s cooking classes, and since her first lesson her life changed forever.

With the same dedication she had applied to her psychological studies, she set about learning everything she could about restaurants, chefs, recipes, key ingredients, flavours, basic techniques, wine lists and etiquette.

Soon her taste became stronger and more and more reliable. She likes the classic, soulful and comforting recipes, as much as she adores to think outside the recipe box and try the most innovating mixtures of ingredients.

She’s now a food writer for “Corriere della Sera(one of oldest Italian daily newspaper) and the international food website “”, in addition to several other magazines, where with great skill she mixes her study of people’s behaviour with her knowledge on food.

Roberta Schira’s books reflect her eclectic personality, from the novel “Piazza Gourmand” to the essays “Amore goloso”, “Frattaglie”, “Nuovo bon ton a tavola” and her latest publication, “Mangiato bene? Le 7 regole per riconoscere la buona cucina” that in 2015 will be published in Brasil. “Mangiato bene? Le 7 regole per riconoscere la buona cucina” is the first attempt ever done at defining gastronomic criticism, and the result is what Italian food journalist and writer Camilla Baresani calls “the Schira rule”.

Roberta Schira is a great cook, loves public speaking, knows almost everything about the pleasures of eating, can read a chef mind, understands almost at first sight what is wrong with a restaurant – and could possibly use her expertise to help turn the place around.

Roberta Schira’s motto is “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” (Eleanor Roosevelt) – read her books and articles, and you can fully understand it!