An interview with 31-year-old Bosnian-born chef Edin Dzemat: head of Linnéa Art Restaurant in Gothenburg, he’s an emerging talent in the Swedish culinary scene.

Member of the so-called New Nordic Cuisine, the 31-year-old Bosnian-born chef Edin Dzemat is an emerging talent in the Swedish culinary scene. After leaving his homeland at the age of 20, he experienced at René Redzepi‘s Noma, playing a key role when the restaurant gained the second Michelin star. Today he’s captain of the Swedish Culinary Team competing the Culinary Olympics in October 2016, recipient of 2014 Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino Rising Star Award, in collaboration with White Guide.

Dzemat currently directs the Linnéa Art Restaurant in Gothenburg, where he expresses himself in the art of contemporary food, served in a spectacular setting of artistic glass objects. Not by chance Dzemat’s business partner, Torsten Jansson, owns an important factory and is an art collector: the duo turned the restaurant into an experience that combines art and gastronomy.

Fine Dining Lovers had the opportunity to catch up with the chef during the recent 2015 Chef’s Cup in Alta Badia: but it was difficult for him to sit still long enough even for a very short chat. His body is a bundle of restless energy and his eyes never stop darting around the room searching, hunting for something. “I only concentrate when I’m on duty,” he confesses. “I’m a bit like a surgeon: my customers place themselves in my hands, so they deserve my utmost respect and attention.”

The first hint of your cuisine is found on all the tables: Edin’s house-churned butter, made with fermented milk. Why is it special?
It’s a flavour from my childhood. The Bosnians call it kaymak. The DNA of my food is from Bosnia, where my mother was born. I’m convinced that at the beginning of every story about food there is always a mother or a grandmother.

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Fine Dining Lovers – 18 marzo 2015