Italian Carbonara, a squabble recipe

In his autobiography, writer Romain Gary tells the story of how Italian-American actor Danny Devito verbally abused a chef who had unfortunately confessed to adding cream to his spaghetti with carbonara sauce. An episode that is not at all hard to believe: various studies, not least the one recently promoted by the Accademia Italiana della Cucina, have shown that Italian carbonara recipe – made from eggs, cheese and diced pancetta – is the most wrongly interpreted pasta dish out of Italy, the most bungled but also one of the most popular.

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Kobe: don’t get caught out with normal beef

For most consumers it is actually difficult to recognize authentic Kobe meat and for this reason it’s useful to know a few facts and questions to ask your waiter in the interests of palate and purse.

After finding out where your Kobe actually comes from, one of the first questions to ask is about the fat marbling ratio of the beef. The quality of a cut is defined by its marbling, the presence of fat (shimofuri) in the connective tissue, which is measured on a scale from 6 to 12.

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How to buy the best bread

It’s difficult to compile a series of guidelines on how to buy the best bread: no one in the world has yet managed to accurately classify the hundreds of different types in existence.

I make a short list of things to bear in mind and questions to ask when you are standing at your baker’s counter or in the supermarket.

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